Travel Smart.  Travel Safe.  Travel Now.

Travel education made fun & easy.

Who Are We

Founders Dan and Shyla Bare are travel experts with extensive travel knowledge. 

Over the past 5 years, they have taught over 2,000 travelers at 4 colleges in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Mission

We believe that if more people traveled the world, there would be more peace and better understanding of other cultures.

By helping travelers… travel smart and travel safe.

What We Do

We support Travel Advisors and Tour Operators to gain a competitive edge by offering their own travel video content library.

Our history

In 2015, the founders Dan & Shyla ended their seven-year long trip around the world.  Along the way, they made mistakes, and observed many mistakes other travelers make.  They often found themselves being asked so many questions – from how to stay safe, how to get a phone to work in Mongolia, and much more.  And they had answers.  Lots of answers.

They decided to teach courses on how to travel the world. They wanted to enable people to travel smart and safe.  It started with a few classes and has since into branched to 20 different courses at 4 colleges in the Pacific Northwest.  And they published a best-seller book (on Amazon here) based on the course Before You Go Abroad.  This is how they vetted what travelers want and need to know.  

Tour Operators then started to ask for classes to prepare their travelers, for their tours abroad.  What the tour operators discovered was that the clients that took the class, were better prepared and had less problems.  They knew what to expect – from where to get money, how to eat safe, and how to get their phones to work overseas.

Travel Learning Centers was created in 2019 to make the many travel courses available for travel advisors and tour operators.  Courses are taught by Dan & Shyla, and by travel experts that they have vetted.