Crew Test

Join us for take-off

Join us for our Crew Test (beta test)

Does delegating your clients’ travel questions sound like a great option? If yes, we invite you to join our crew, as we test a co-branded video content library.

Crew Testers get exclusive access to the Travel Learning Centers video library. There is no cost, as all we want is your feedback and input. You will have the opportunity to share the video library for free with your clients. But, please wait to do so until we have had a few Crew Testers (like you) take a look. We want to make sure your clients have a professional experience when they use it.

There are currently 18 videos in the library. To start, we focused on creating videos on how to use technology when traveling. We did this since Secrets to Using Technology Abroad  is our most popular travel class.  As a Crew Tester, you’ll get to help us rank which videos to make next.

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