Simple & affordable

Are you a Travel Advisor or Tour Operator and would like to join us for the Crew Test?

Would love to off load travel questions by clients?  Especially the tech questions like Will my phone work overseas? or How to I buy a SIM card?

We are looking for 25 testers to test our new innovative service for 100% free for you and your clients.

The only compensation is the free and un-fettered use of this fabulous service. 

What we are looking for is feedback, positive and negative.


You enter your clients name and email in your portal - then click SEND.  An email with instructions on how to access the courses is sent directly to your client. If you are business class or above, the email also is customized with your logo and signature line.

Only you.  Your clients are yours.  No emails or solicitations are done that you don't send.  And there is NO sharing of client information of any kind.

The only exception to this is support tickets opened by your client(s).  We may respond to them to fix the issue.  You are cc'd on all correspondence and have access to the Ticket System in your portal.

That is the portal for your clients to access their videos.  This is also the website you use to access your portal.  Your clients see a professional learning center website, unlike this website which is geared towards you as a subscriber.

When you enroll your client, your company logo and signature are associated with your clients email address in the database.  So when your client visits the Travel Smart Strategies website - your logo pops up.  This logo stays present on all pages on the website.

As a travel advisor, you can enroll all your clients.  This does not include other travel advisors clients.  Our desire is that this service supports your business be being a travel advisor or tour operator.

We may limit the number of clients you can enroll if it seems excessive.  If excessive enrollments are done, an audit will be triggered to request verification of your clients.

A limit may be imposed in the future if excessive enrollments are discovered.

Do note that breaching the terms and conditions can result in your learning center being suspended or terminated.

Not at present.  The library is intended to support Travel Advisors and Tour Operators for their client.  If this is something you wish, please contact us.