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A Private Library of Tips, Tools & Resources for International Travelers.

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International travel is amazing, awesome, beautiful and life-changing.  And it can be frustrating and overwhelming. This valuable library of travel resources is designed so that you can…

Travel Smart

Learn tips and tools to help you travel with ease. We don't want you to make the mistakes we made, or the one's we saw other travelers make.

Travel Safe

Safety is always a concern when embarking on the unknown. Make sure you know what you need to know before you go.

Learn from Travel Experts

Library content taught by travel experts Dan and Shyla, who traveled for 7 years and have been to 75 countries.

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24x7 access. The library is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and computers.


Watch the videos. Click the links. Notes and other guides included.


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Prepare for your trip of a lifetime

Exclusive access to expert experience and advice

  • Learn safe and smart ways to get money abroad
  • Where you can and can’t use Credit Cards
  • The importance Travel Insurance, and coverage you really need
  • How not to fry your camera or smartphone
  • Want to use your phone abroad? Watch an 8-step guide to using your smartphone abroad?
  • How to travel with prescriptions
  • The smartphone apps used by Travel Experts
  • And so much more.  To see the entire library, click here.

Featured Book

Before you Go Abroad Handbook

Book: $14.95
eBook: $5.99

Over 127 Secret Tips & Tools 
for International Travel

Does this book really have over 127 tips and tools for planning an international trip?

Well, let’s just say we stopped counting at that number. You see, this little handbook is packed with over 127 insights, websites, and resources that are essential for any traveler planning to go abroad.

Are the tips and tools really secret?

Actually yes, they are secret—at least no one told us about them before we journeyed abroad and we had done a lot of research and preparation. We had to discover many of them the hard way as we traveled around the world to more than 70 countries. These are the secrets we wished we had found, in a concise and consolidated book like this one, before we went abroad.

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